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University to Community (U2C) Inc believes there is much that university communities can offer to communities in need.
U2C believes in the power of capacity building within communities in need. By working with charities and not for profit organisations we aim to connect members of university communities (staff and students) with community organisations so that, working together, they can make a difference. 


Lee Partridge

Dr Lee Partridge is an educator and an academiic with expertise in social research and a belief in that an individual's transformative experiences can be the launching pad for meaningful social change. 

Bill Chambers
Board member

Bill Chambers is a Chartered Accountant who operates his own accounting practice. He has had considerable experience with not-for-profit organisations including board roles at Trinity, a residential college at The University of Western Australia, and Men of the Trees Inc.

Elaine Lopes
Board member

Dr Elaine Lopes has a background in education and social research. She has worked in numerous locations around the world in international volunteer capacities teaching at secondary and tertiary level. She is currently a member of the UWA Student Services team.

Rudyard Connery
Board member

Rudyard Connery holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in European Studies and History. He began volunteering for an educational charity during his studies and is passionate about making a change. He is interested in social impact research and believes it provides the information that not-for-profits need to ensure their practices are creating positive change for society

Ant Gray
Board member

Ant Gray is completing his PhD in English at The University of Western Australia. He has been a professional musician and worked in the Arts sector for many years. He is interested in creativity and writes his own blog on the subject. He is currently teachng at both UWA and Curtin University.

Caroline Baillie
Board member

Professor Caroline Baillie is Professor of Engineering Education at UWA and has a global reputation in the area of Engineering and Social Justice. She is cofounder of her own NFP organisation, Waste for Life which works in impoverished communities around the world.

Michael Partridge
Board member

Michael Partridge holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Curtin University and is director of his own company, Partridge Private Wealth. He is interested in Social Justice issues and giving back to the community.

Sally Sandover
Board member

Professor Sally Sandover is Associate Dean of Medical Education at Curtin University. She is a member of the Geraldton University Centre Board, the St John of God Hospital Ethics Commitee and Chair of it's scientific review committee. Sally has specific interest and experience in disability-related issues.

Sue Townsend (Clough)
Board member

Sue Clough brings vast, long term business experience to U2C; having been both a shareholder, Board member and manager of many varied companies. Sue has B.A. (Politics) and is also a qualified adult and child psychotherapist. She has experience working with mental health issues, substance abuse, group counselling, trauma and conflict resolution, and has worked with Lifeline in the area suicide intervention for many years.   

Aimee Lord
Board member

Aimee Lord holds a Masters in Organisational Psychology coupled with qualifications in Project Management. She is an experienced Management Consultant and has worked around the globe with high-performing corporate clients. Aimee is also a passionate volunteer, mentoring at-risk youth since 1997. She is passionate about projects that empower youth to reach their personal, psychological and professional potential. .   

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